Welcome to Wild Women on Wine!

Celebrating Friendship & Fun!

Wild Women on Wine started with a vision in 1999 during an annual girls weekend wine trip; it was the pure magic of friendship celebrated.  For their trip in 2000, those gals drew a fun and silly design that embodied the magic of their laughter together and made some t-shirts to wear.  Because so many women responded to their t-shirts on that trip, it inspired Cathy and Shanin to create the Wild Women on Wine company.  Now there is a whole line of Wild Women on Wine merchandise.

Wild Women on Wine was created from great friends celebrating and having a tremendous amount of fun and laughter.  By us simply spending enough time together, it creates opportunities to be open, silly, and share ourselves with each other.  What a lovely gift to our friends and ourselves!  Because of this time spent with girlfriends, it allows us to give more fully to the rest of the people in our lives.

Wild Women on Wine wants to inspire women to take time to celebrate friendship, fun and themselves.  Wear our apparel and have some fun!  We believe that Wild Women on Wine come in all shapes and sizes, but they are all of one mind. To be a "Wild Woman on Wine", it means that you embrace the joy of life, you desire fun and laughter in your world, and you cherish a life filled with great friends. You probably love wine, cheese, chocolate, friends, fun, talking, and shopping!  Maybe not all, but at least three, probably four to five!  

So say something nice to someone if you see something you admire... it may just inspire them to start a business with their very best friend!

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